Short Term Tests and Long Term Tests

The quickest way to test is with Short Term Tests*. Short-term tests are conducted for 2 days to 90 days, depending on the device. Generally, a short-term test is 2 to 7 days.

*If you are involved in a real estate transaction, or want results quickly, a short-term test is recommended.

RTCA® Offers the Following Short Term Tests

Charcoal Canisters
recommended for real estate
RTCA®’s Charcoal Canisters contain small quantities of activated charcoal. Radon is adsorbed onto the charcoal and then measured by counting radiation it emits with a sodium iodide detector. ORDER NOW or Find a Pro to test for you.

Continuous Radon Monitors
recommended for real estate
RTCA®’s Continuous Monitors – Electronic devices which require operation by trained professionals.  Inquire with RTCA at 914-345-3380 ext 3.

Long-term tests remain in your home for 90 days, up to one year. A long-term test will give you a reading that is more likely to tell you your home’s year round average radon level.

RTCA® Offers the Following Long Term Tests

Electret Ion Detectors
RTCA®’s Electret Ion Detectors contain an electrostatically charged Teflon disk. The ions produced by the alpha decay of radon inside the detector strike the disk, reducing the surface voltage. The voltage reduction is measured in the laboratory and the radon concentration is then calculated. ORDER NOW

Alpha Track Detectors
RTCA®’s Alpha Track Detectors contain a small sheet of plastic that is exposed for a period of three months to one year. The alpha particles damage the plastic as they strike it. The marks on the plastic are then chemically treated and counted in the laboratory to determine the radon level. ORDER NOW

Radon in Water

Testing For Radon in Water

The EPA recommends testing for radon in water if the water supply is from a private well or from a public water system that mixes well water with surface water.

RTCA® provides Radon in Water Test Kits that are simple and inexpensive. Each kit is accompanied with easy to follow directions and includes analysis and next-day results. Analysis is done in a liquid scintillation counter. ORDER NOW