RTCA® provides the most reliable radon testing services available. The RTCA® laboratory uses the same procedures and technology developed at the Department of Energy’s Environmental Measurement Laboratory.

For accuracy and fast results, the RTCA® laboratory is fully computerized. All information is processed through a specially designed computer program which provides thorough integration, analysis, calculation and retrieval of data.

All radon detectors are bar-coded to ensure proper identification, allowing large numbers of samples to be processed rapidly.

All analytical calculations are performed by the computer program, eliminating the possibility of human error.

All laboratory analysis is in complete accordance with the Federal EPA or equivalent protocols.

RTCA® analyzes tens of thousands of tests annually.

RTCA®’s automated processing ensures that all lab reports are generated timely. Results reports can be emailed!

RTCA® provides a full line of testing Services and Products for radon in air and in water.

Radon in Air
Short Term Tests*. Short-term tests are conducted for 2 days to 90 days, depending on the device.

*If you are involved in a real estate transaction, or want results quickly, a short-term test is recommended.

Long-term tests remain in your home for 90 days, up to one year. A long-term test will give you a reading that is more likely to tell you your home’s year round average radon level.

Radon in Water
The EPA recommends testing for radon in water if the water supply is from a private well or from a public water system that mixes well water with surface water.