Andreas George, the radon “guru” shows us a radon reading in RTCA®’s computerized laboratory

RTCA® offers a full range of laboratory services for Radon in Air and Water. Our fully accredited, state of the art laboratory facility provides radon analysis services for consumers, professional radon testers, government agencies and corporations.

RTCA® provides the most reliable radon testing. The RTCA® laboratory uses the same procedures and technology as developed by the Department of Energy’s Environmental Measurement Laboratory. RTCA® personnel are credentialed by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) and the NEHA-NRPP.

For accuracy and fast results, the RTCA® laboratory is fully computerized. All information is processed through a specially designed computer program that provides thorough integration, analysis and retrieval of data.

  • All radon detectors are bar-coded to ensure proper identification and allowing large numbers of samples to be processed rapidly.
  • All analytical calculations are performed by the computer, eliminating the possibility of human error.
  • All laboratory analysis is in complete accordance with the Federal EPA and state protocols. RTCA®’s automated processing ensures that all laboratory reports are generated timely!