Continuous Radon Monitor


NRSB: Device Code: (Primary) 31817 (FaxBack) 31818

E-Smart Continuous Radon Monitor reports hourly radon and hourly temperature readings.

Add capacity to your E-Smart Radon Monitoring System with additional Continuous Radon Monitors.


Power: Year long battery – No AC power required. Monitors can be used immediately for next test.

Operation: 12 hour delay – no need to return to secure closed house conditions. Choose all data points or only last 48 hours.

Software: Self-checking electronics database maintains all test information – never touch a piece of paper.

Report Generation: Reports generated within minutes. Hourly intervals and graphic display.

Capacity: Stores 240 data points – 10 days of hourly data.

This product is also available for monthly leasing.  To receive additional information, please email providing your company name, phone number, and address.

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    NRSB Device Code: (Primary) 31817 (RTCA Lab User) 31818

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    Weight 3.0 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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