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Government Inquiries

RTCA® has been providing radon test kits to federal, state and local government programs since it became operational in 1986. Due to the RTCA®'s automated laboratory computer program, we can design a program that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

For large-scale consumer programs, test kits can be individually packaged with individual return mailers. Results reports can be sent by mail or email to individual consumers and a summary report can be generated for the governing authority.

For large-scale survey work, such as testing schools, day care centers or public buildings, test kits can be bulk packed with survey forms for recording test information data. Results reports can be generated by building and test location for ease of reference and can be mailed or emailed to governing authority.

For short-term measurements, RTCA® offers the 3" passive diffusion charcoal canister and the liquid scintillation vial. Both test methods are calibrated for a two to seven day measurement. Anywhere within that time frame will yield a reliable measurement.

For long-term measurements, RTCA® offers its Ra-Dome electret detector or an alpha track detector. Both test methods are calibrated for measurements from 91 days up to one year.

To get a quote for your governmental program, please fill out the attached form or feel free to contact RTCA®'s laboratory at 800-457-2366.